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Aoshun Introduction

  Mr Shun stainless steel products factory is a professional production of small wine pot, stainless steel flask, export-oriented factories, stainless steel flask products have foreskin series, steel series, scrub series, calender series, 1 oz barrel (arc) series, logo series, glass series, leather series, printing series, mobile phone to pot, circular, square patch, etc all kinds of wine bottle of all adopt the imported high quality stainless steel material, the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and exquisite production technology, make our products more perfect, the product collection and appreciation value, is also a good friend of ideal gifts gifts, are favored by merchants from all over the world and advertising, product design novel, well-made, variety complete, the price is reasonable. The company has 8 sets of laser welding, laser welding technology industry leader!
       In the "high quality, low price, good service" under the principle of consumers and praise.


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